Monday, September 1, 2008

Featured Figure: The Siren

The Siren is one of the core exercises or figures of the Estill Voice Training System. It not only serves as an excellent warm-up but increases laryngeal flexibility, establishes optimal tongue positioning, decreases airflow, and anchors the tone by working the tensor palatini and posterior pharyngeal constrictor. In conjunction with "mirening," these exercises will establish a "most-comfortable-vocal-effort" for all your singing.

Exercise: On an /ng/ as in "sing," Siren as high and as low as possible.

Tom's 6 Step Siren to Song Sequence

(1) Siren: Sing your entire song on an /ng/. Keep the tongue high.
(2) Miren: Keep the low velum with the /ng/ but mouth the words.
(3) Alternate measures: miren-sing-miren-sing.
(4) Sing but miren for ascending intervals
(5) Sing but miren high notes.
(6) Sing with ease!

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